Weather Sats

The images below are weather satellite images, downloaded and processed on a Raspberry Pi. The data is captured using Raspberry-NOAA v2 and an RTL dongle connected to a homemade QFH (quadrifilar helical) antenna following this design plus some hints from other sites (search weather QFH to find lots of designs).

NOAA 15,18 and 19 plus METEOR M2 broadcast their data using a fairly simple protocol at around 137MHz. It is possible to capture data from other satellites too but these use a more complex protocol and different frequencies not covered by the current version of Raspi-NOAA.

The images are from the latest satellite pass and depending on sun and satellite angle may be incomplete or low quality. The images may also be from different passes, as not all data is available on each pass, depending on data quality. Data from previous passes is available here.