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In 2020 i made an allsky camera using a barebones IMX291 and Raspberry Pi. The daily videos generated by this can be seen here on Youtube. The aim was partly to track weather changes through the year, partly just for fun.

A recent snapshot from the camera is shown below, along with the last night’s startrails stack. During the day the latest view will be in colour though as the camera is extremely sensitive to infrared images aare very pink and I’m adjusting it to a nearer ‘normal’ colour. At night views are in mono.

Click the images for a larger view. North is at the top right corner of the view, East at the bottom right..

The code for the project is available here on GitHub, and is a fork of Thomas Jacquin’s version for an ASI 120MM/MC type camera. I adapted the code to handle the IP camera with its different capabilities.

3 thoughts on “Allsky Camera

  1. Hello Mark. Andrew Fiamingo here. I am in Norway and just started out on the GMN meteor cam journey. I am in the process of mounting the standard meteorcam based on the IMX291 sensor. However I want to mount an additional cam to fil the Aurora. Searching the GMN forum I can across your post about the IMX307. I have two questions 1) Do you have any more experience with other higher resolution cams for the Auroracam? 2) Is the software on the RaspberryPi written by you or can I get hold of it on the internet. Regards Andrew P.S the video camera towards the north at my cabin will be the place I will mount my aurora cam.

    1. Hi Andrew.
      You can get my auroracam software from github here :

      I have not tried different resolutions as i found that the camera was much less sensitive and slower to capture data at higher resolution. However, i should probably test it again when i have time.
      You can see the output of our auroracam here:
      The image updates every 10-15 seconds.

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